Creation: October 2012

The inception for HabeshaBrides came from a former Habesha Bride who found the Habesha wedding planning process more difficult compared to weddings of other cultural backgrounds. Simply starting as an instagram page, HabeshaBrides has flourished into becoming the authority on habesha weddings. Creating a communal environment past, present, and future brides have come together to support women in the habesha diaspora as they go through the cultural right of passage of being a Habesha bride.

In this forum the word Habesha is used as a positive term that signifies people whose origins are of Ethiopian and Eritrean descent. In the diaspora, this term has morphed into a unifying identifier that seeks to celebrate similarities and appreciate the diversity between the countries of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

To empower Habesha Brides by being the source for cultural wedding traditions, resources, and inspiration.

To be the leading and most trusted resource for HabeshaBrides; to inspire, build community and connect established as well as up-and-coming brands to the HabeshaBrides community.

Values: Quality, Service, Inspiration and Cultural Empowerment

Inspiring you through your cultural right of passage.