Sosina W.
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My name is Sosina and I am Ethiopian. My hubby and I met through common friends in DC. A couple of days after Christmas he gave me a gift in a box. After going through several boxes, the last box had a sign that said “Will you marry me”. And next thing I know he was on his knee with a ring. I thought it was a dream. I was very happy! When I woke up the morning of my wedding I had a conversation with God. I knew it was going to be a great and memorable day. I had two dresses. The ceremony dress was very elegant and the details on it were amazing. It was also fitting to walk down the aisle since it had a long train. My second dress was very special because I was involved in the design. Having my girls by my side made me feel so loved, because I have a special bond with all of them. When I walked down the aisle I remember feeling overwhelmed with joy, especially when I saw my groom.

The colors for the decor and bridal party were very easy on the eye, but yet refreshing colors that went well with the scenery. Our ceremony was on a terrace looking directly at the ocean. We wanted to make sure the colors, feel and breezy of the ballroom was also as refreshing and relaxing as they were for the ceremony. It was amazing and It was more than I expected. Our first dance was to African Queen. It was my husband’s choice. It was special because he said the song will be dedicated to me and it was a surprise until we walked down the dance floor. The entire night had so many favorite moments for me! From watching our guest on the dance floor for majority of the night, to the souls train, to my hubby/I not sitting down the whole night, and of course my two little nieces arguing with DJ Fitsum to play their songs and performing by demand, it’s really hard to choose one moment. I wouldn’t change anything.


Since our wedding was a destination wedding we had our Melse celebrated on chartered boat in the caribbean. Not so traditional, but we took advantage of the ocean and had a party the day after the wedding. We did have traditional Melse and Kelekel when we returned to the states. I picked this kemis because It was modern, but has the old school look. Even though I had all the traditional attire, I didn’t get my hair braided (traditional braids). So, That would be something I would change. As for my bridesmaids they wore their own choice of traditional wear. For me the must haves were the Kaba, gold jewelry (hair piece, ring, earrings). My favorite part of the day was when our families battle of name picking. The name that was picked my mother-in law now calls me by it. My husband and I planned our wedding. So, we gave our families the green light to plan the traditional events as however they pleased. We showed up to those events and had a blast. My advice is to let your family have at least one traditional event, if they aren’t involved in the planning of your wedding. It’s their proud moment and it would mean a lot to them. Good Luck!

Vendor List

Vendor Thoughts Our wedding was at Hyatt Ziva, Cancun. I recommend using the vendors they provide you. Besides, if you use an outside vendor they have a vendor fee of $500 for each one of your vendors.
Wedding Gown Vendor Name Maraqii Collections
Yes I would.
Ceremony Location Name Punta Vista Terrace at Hyatt Ziva, Cancun. It was a beautiful space that can handle about 200 people. It has a direct view of the ocean. I highly recommend it if you are doing a sunset ceremony
Florist Vendor Name Gama Company. Cancun.
Yes I would
Bridal party Attire Vendor(s) Name(s) Suit Supply
Lord and Taylor NY
Yes I would
Stationary Vendor Name Hyatt Ziva, Cancun
Yes I would
Photographer Vendor Name Photo Pros. Cancun
Yes I would
Videographer Vendor Name Hyatt Ziva Cancun
Yes I would
Reception Venue Name Hyatt Ziva Cancun Ballroom
Yes I would.
Traditional attire Vendor Name From Addis.
Yes I would, just make sure you order at least 4mos ahead and follow up consistently with progress
Yes I would
Makeup Artist Vendor Name? Muna Haile
Yes I would
Hair Stylist Vendor Name? Hyatt Ziva, Cancun Spa.
Yes, make sure you do a trial first


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