Sarah I.
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My name is Sarah I am 28 years old. My husband and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary! This anniversary was special because of the new addition God blessed us with, our precious baby girl. I am an Eritrean American born and raised in Saudi Arabia. I am currently adjusting to motherhood and getting my makeup business started. My hubby and I met after he saw me on a silly Habesha parents YouTube video and the rest is history! We went the more traditional route for the proposal. He flew out to Seattle from Dallas and together with his parents asked mine for my hand in marriage.  When I woke up on my wedding day I remember feeling nervous, anxious, and Excited! The dress was perfection for me and my girls were also the perfect bridesmaids. Walking down the aisle I felt honored to be surrounded by loving family and friends. For our reception I wanted to create a timeless and classic look that went with a winter wedding. When we made our grand entrance my first thought was “let the party begin!” Our first dance was to Charlie Wilson’s You Are. It was dedicated to me by my husband.


For the melsi the Habesha elements that were a must for me was the Kaba and werki! What I would have changed would have been the decorator as it wasn’t a habesha person who was hired.  So I did not have the mesobs or traditional decor.  I picked this zuria because it represents our culture and I was in love with the beautiful gold color and detail. My favorite moments during the Melsi was the guyala and when they played Esele! One piece advice that I would give to current brides planning would be if  you are ordering anything from back home make sure to order as early as you possibly can! Good Luck!

Vendor List

Vendor Thoughts Dallas Marriott Las Colinas. I would absolutely recommend this venue!
Wedding Gown Vendor Name Patsy’s A Bridal Boutique. Amazing boutique with awesome employees
Bridal party Attire Vendor(s) Name(s) Nordstroms
Stationary Vendor Name David’s Bridal
Photographer Vendor Name Sonya Lala Photography. I would use them again
Videographer Vendor Name Hakim Sons Films. I would definitely go with them again.
Reception Venue Name Dallas Marriotr Las Colinas
Traditional attire Vendor Name Habeahas By Selam. I would recommend her!
Makeup Artist Vendor Name? 1st day: J Torry Makeup Artistry. Yes I would
2nd day: Myself, I would hire me 🙂
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