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If you are looking for a photographer who gets what it means to be in a Habesha Wedding look no further than Simon Tsegay of Infocus Media.  With over 6 years of wedding photography (20+ Habehsa weddings) under his belt he has seen and done it all.  We love his energy and his ability to create the best portraits and candid moments of the wedding.  

Simon’s favorite thing about Habesha weddings is that each wedding is unique. Therefore his favorite thing is to experience that uniqueness, whichever way it presents itself. As a wedding photographer, Simon feel that’s one of the most important aspects to capture. His advice to brides “despite how overwhelming & chaotic it can get at times, remind yourself it is a happy occasion, one of celebration. So have fun! When it comes down it, at the end of the night, you’ll be married! :)”

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