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Dubai-based Ethiopian designer Feiruza Mudessir is causing quite a stir in the Middle East’s fashion scene with her label Finchitua, which in Ethiopian means, ‘the girl with a gap between her teeth’. In Africa a ‘finchit’ is considered to be a mark of considerable beauty. Feiruza’s unique style blends traditional Ethiopian fabrics with a distinctive modern flair, resulting in refreshing pieces aimed at style savvy women looking for an edgy look.

Since 2011 Feiruza has been designing gowns under Finchitua but has been creating  Habeshalibs/Zurias since 2006. For her the challenge in designing modern Habeshalibs/Zuria is the reward. Finding the right fabric in Addis and custom hand work takes a full day.  Everything is Couture with Feiruza! Her favorite thing about Habesha weddings is every element of culture within the day. She says when it comes to discussing styles with family compromise is key. One piece of advice she shares for current Brides “You need to know what you want. Habesha brides in general listen to what other people say and what other people have done…. You need to think about what you want and not what other people have worn.  what do you want to look like and what do I want to wear.  Ask yourself and that’s all you need to know!”

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