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Tigisti Tsegai is a one stop shop for all of your decor needs.  From the wedding day on Saturday to the Melse/Melsi on Sunday her company Ruhus Gama Wedding Design & Floral has everything you need to decorate your events! On average she decorates 15 weddings a year and can bring any vision you have to life. Because every bride is unique, Ruhus Gama Weddings offer customized, personalized wedding design and consulting packages to our clients. She offers a number of packages but also mix and match to best serve your budgetary needs. Ruhus Gama Weddings is a company that excels in helping put the spotlight on you! They provide guidance, experience, expertise and planning to navigate the complexities of your special day. Her professional wedding specialist are happy to walk you thru your multiple day service needs. Ruhus Gama Weddings is centrally located in the Greater Seattle and surrounding areas. They travel to meet  the client’s needs as far as the Portland Oregon area. Tigisti love working with out of state brides! There is no flight cost associated with this travel but they do ask that a hotel room is provided on the expense of the bride and groom. 

One of her favorite things about Habesha weddings are all the cultural fusion. Tgisti says “Most of our brides are modern, but love and respect their Habesha background and incorporate it into their special day. Although there is a 2nd day dedicated to their cultural, the 1st days fusions are some of our favs! For example when the happy couple arrives to their reception venue, just after exiting their vehicle in their beautiful modern gown and tux, a sea of family and friends welcome them into their celebration with song and dance. Colorful flowers are waved through the air as the crowd slowly makes their way into the venue. We LOVE this!!”

Her wedding advice to current brides “Habesha weddings can be very overwhelming. You have hundreds of guest surrounding you, family and friends advising you what to do and how to act. A camera crew following your every footstep, and a million questions are being thrown your way, all while trying to relax and get your make-up done! The best piece of advice we give our habesha brides are to prepare to enjoy the moment in advance. As silly as that may sound, telling yourself ahead that, “on the day of my most magical, most special day, I will live in the moment”, makes lasting memories. And most importantly don’t stress the things that are out of your control. If the ring bearer lost his tie, it’s ok. If you get stuck in traffic on the way to the venue, no worries, think of it as making a GRANDER ENTRANCE! The important thing is, you are marring the man you are madly in love with, and with the people you love most! So dance the night away! 

Secondly, hire a wedding planner!! Weddings are meant to be one of the happiest moments in a couples lives. But because there is so much detail involved, it can also be stressful. Having a wedding specialist will help relieve that stress from you, and also gives you a piece of mind that it is all getting taken care of!”

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