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We are lovers of style whether classic, urban or edgy. Our passion comes from three things; our love for each other, our daughter and capturing moments that last a lifetime.  It is such a blessing to shoot Habesha Brides as they bring out the best in us. Their natural beauty, caring spirits and ability to fuse bold, subtle and natural colors create epic photos that impact all involved.

We can recall the first Habesha wedding we shot. OMG!! We were blessed to see the entire thing through as the Bride & Groom allowed us inside practically every detail regarding the wedding, as they wanted to capture their love and commitment to one another.  We can’t express the excitement we had as we provided them with their photos. We only wish we were with them when they received them. We were almost as excited in providing their finished photos, as we were when we got our own wedding photos. It truly brings joy to us knowing our customers are satisfied.

Although we’ve only done 5 Habesha weddings so far we look forward to working with more beautiful brides and grooms from the Habesha culture.

We have great packages for multiple day services based on need. The price range can be as low as $4799 and can go up from there depending on how many days a customer needs. Another passion of ours is traveling, therefore we look forward to traveling to meet the needs of our customers, which comes at an additional cost.

Whenever provided the opportunity to offer advice to the bride and groom we tell them to: 1) Take it slow and try not to stress out on the little details; 2) Wedding weekends can sometimes be fast paced and as much as we want things to be perfect, it’s important to remember it’s about the celebration of love and family. And if you’re upset for any reason, it will show in your pictures. So be happy!

We love having our work shared as it signifies that we are meeting the needs of our customers. We have been featured in Munaluchi Bride, Oregon Bride, HabeshaBrides and The Knot and anticipate future features. We look forward to creating epic moments for you.


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