To have and to hold… your Bouquet?
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Outside of your wedding dress what other other item comes into focus when you step out on your wedding day?  Your BOUQUET!!! I know you may not realize it yet but that arrangement of flowers will be in nearly every one of your pictures so select and choose wisely my Aruzits, Arusisitiis, Merats, and Mushirits! We are going to highlight some of our favorite bouquet styles perfect for your wedding day.


This style of bouquet is back with a vengeance.  True to its name around 20 years ago this style of arrangement was all the rage in the late 80’s and 90’s but has taken on modern twist.  Rather than having more greenery as part of the “waterfall” brides today are opting for more blooms with small accents of green. If you are the type of bride that wants a wow factor then the cascading bouquet is perfect for you!


The perfection of a symmetrically arranged set of large blooms such as roses are peonies cut to the same length. This style is  a classic staple and go to for a bridal bouquet. All you see are gorgeous blooms of your favorite flowers with very little greenery outside of the stem.  



Hand Tied

The idea is that you literally just picked these out of your amazing garden and tied them together. Mixing different types of flowers and foliage allows you to create a unique bouquet.  This style has become very popular for spring and summer weddings.  



The perfect statement piece of something old, new, borrowed and even blue! Combine pieces of old jewelry, or even costume jewelry to make a statement piece for your wedding that will last forever. This is a fun project that you could DIY however if you don’t trust yourself there are tons of vendors that can create a custom piece for you.


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